The Gentlemen's Ale Sampling Society

        1982-2017  35 YEARS OF BEERS






Organiser - Tony. 





Tony uses Vamos Travel and the following information comes from them.


FROM BRETT – VAMOS TRAVEL attached and below.

I have checked several hotels ( 4*) and for the date requested I could offer following hotels.

Radisson BLU Lietuva,  4*
£ 79
£ 89

Amberton Vilnius,  4*
£ 82/per room/per nte, BB
£ 92/per room/per nte, BB

These hotels do not have swimming pool.
Not many hotels have pools in general.
Actually  mainly 5* hotels and Crowne Plaza,  4* ( but this one is not located in the Old town, or close to the  Old Town).
Would you like me to check 5* hotels availability if pool is important?

Please also have a look at the attached activity list and let me know your thoughts?










Vilnius  discovery tour with GPS – it’s a fun site discovery game using specially created application for smart phones or tablets. Such orientation tour is a combination of cultural historical sightseeing and team building tasks. Tour challenges or route can be adapted with reference to a company brand, product or any other theme.  

Price ~  £ 45/pp, incl. tablets.

Duration 2-2,5 hours





Hard core shooting action



Package price from  £ 45/pp

4 guns x  5 shots

Duration for group of  20 pax ~ 2 hours/






 Vilnius tour on segway





Segway ride - Vinius city tour on Segways

The unparalleled mobility of the eco-friendly SEGWAY allows tour groups to glide safely along the pathways of Vilnius, providing a truly entertaining and unique sightseeing experience with extraordinary access to many more Vilnius sights that can be seen  during traditional city tour.
Activity duration 1-2 hours

Segway rent £ 45/ 2 hour

Guide service £ 80






Lithuanian beer tasting

Beer is important in Lithuania. Small-scale brewers have been making beer for more than 1,000 years. The practices they use make the beers here utterly unique - wild and earthy character beer that is strangely magical. It‘s a must to taste local beer once visiting Lithuania.
Tasting session contains not only tasting of various kinds of beer but also professional beer expert's tales about history, breweries and funny stories.


Not many people know that there are about 90 working beer breweries in Lithuania and almost 300 beer brands are produced. Lithuanian beer have got lots of awards at international beer competitions.

£ 25- 35/pp, depending on the bar, number of beers, beer sommelier service








SUP /Stand Up Paddle/ boarding

Stand Up Paddleboarding is the latest water sports craze. SUP is easy to learn. Anyone can do it, you get a little exercise, and it’s a lot of fun!

SUP Tour in Vilnius is best way to see Vilnius from different perspective. Is a very relaxing activity to do.

Get a gentle but effective core body work out, enjoy the peaceful sound of your paddle gliding through the water adn enjoy it. Or if you want to try something a little more adventurous -  then  balance competition can be arranged . It includes :

-Race on a maneuvering trace.

-Fight with sof „paddles“.

Activity duration  1,5-3 hours ( depending on the arrangemt type: SUP on river or competition)

SUP £ 30/pp

Competition arrangement extra  £ 450




Only a few £opean capitals allow flying over the city in a hot air balloon. In Vilnius you can enjoy this breath taking activity that is sure to leave a lasting impression as the city reveals its full beauty from an aerial view. It will be the most memorable sightseeing tour in your life!


Hot air balloon flights can be arranged in Trakai – the medieval capital of Lithunania as well.

Ballooning can be performed either in a very early morning hours (~6 a.m.) or in the evening (starting from 6 p.m., depending on a weather conditions).

Activity duration ~ 3 hours.

Flight price  £ 250/pp, incl. insurance



 Rowing experience in Trakai






Sport rowing is not only for professionals. It can be a fun teamwork as well.

We offer to experience this activity on a real racing boats and with professional supervision.

Location - 25 km from Vilnius  - in Trakai, medieval capital of Lithuania.

Event program includes: instruction of basic rules of rowing, safety briefing, rowing training and race 250m.


Activity duration ~ 3 hours, including instructions, rowing training around the Castle and a race.

8-seats boat £ 500/per boat

4-seats boat £ 300/per boat



Race by Viking long boats on the Lake in Trakai

It’s a very funny and easy to complete water activity, team work spirit is an essential part of successful rowing of these boats. Everyone can be a Viking boat rower - the boats are wide and stable – so participants can just focus on rowing and have a great time.

There are different types of boats available:

Dragon boats /4 boats x 20 pax,

Little grass - snake /4 boats x 10 pax,

Big grass – snake/ 8 boats x  16 pax



Price – on request









Funny jumps training at Trampoline arena*800/flighttrampo.jpg - Slamball jumps training and competition with instructors
 - Basketball game 2x2

 - Dodgeball

 There may be different versions of trampoline games.


Price  ~ £ 480/per event








Military game “Mission possible”









4-5 hours military game including :

- military training ( provided by professional military officers)
- airsoft game (or strikeball ), including participation of 2 instructors as team leaders/coordinators

- dry ration pack ( optional) -food preparation using this pack also can be a fun experience
Military game is arranged in the real old  military base ( already not used for military purpose).


Military game complexity ( costs) can be chosen by clients:

Military game £ 45/pp (incl. clothes, gun with ammo/1000 items, face protection, glows, cap)

Military training and assistance of 2 instructors as team leaders/coordinators of the battle £ 100

Dry ration pack £ 20/pp

Drinks (mineral water /soft drinks ) £ 5/pp

Soldiers's porridge + tea cooked in military field kitchen  £ 200/per group

Military jeep Chevrolet Blazer M1008 (participates in the battle, is used for transfers of soldiers during the

 battle, is object of the fight) £ 350

FV432 - armored personnel carrier of the British Army's armored fighting vehicles (participates in the battle, is used for transfers of soldiers during the battle, is object of the fight) £ 750.
 to USSR without stress!

1984. Survival drama in the Soviet bunker

Possibility to experience an ordinary Soviet citizen life for  2 hours.

Reconstructed Soviet reality in 6 meters underground bunker:

Lenin’s propaganda rooms, civil defense rooms, KGB premises, Soviet doctors room, schools, shops, apartments and cafes and even a „hotel“…

Would you dare?

Event price £ 480/per group
















4x4 off road4x4 Off Road  incl. tasting and picnic


Adventure and  action and nice nature in the 4X4 Off Road - Safari. (Extreme off road driving)

A specially selected off road tour to explore wild Lithuanian nature. During the tour participants will have to wiggle through virgin forest, mud tracks, climbs steep slopes and handling steep slopes going down.

Surprise over-stop for tasting of Lithuanian specialties  - for ex. famous 999 and some local snacks. Tour will end with picnic.

This all together creates a fantastic and exciting experience.


4x4 off road – safari   £ 175/pp

Picnic  ~  £20/pp

Surprise stop ( traditional drinks/snack)  £10/pp




 in the swamps

# 1 - Hiking through the swamp.

Option # 2 - Enduro route “Beaver”.


An unforgettable adventure in a natural swamps 40 km from Vilnius.

Option # 1. Walk through the wetlands. Man falls into the unique nature of the natural environment in which it is not known and can’t be restored to everyday life. Hike through the wetlands are completely safe and pose no risk either to health or life.  Mud “bathing” is not avoidable.

Route length 4 km. Event duration 2 hours. Price £ 15/pp


Option #2. “Beaver” route. Specially prepared trace with obstacles, requiring extra efforts to pass the route but at the same time making this experience even more extreme and unforgettable. Participants needs to apply the principles of teamwork and help each other jointly to move forward.

Route length 1 km . Event duration 3 hours. Price £ 15/pp


Swamp tours can be arranged in any weather. Bad weather here has no impact.

Night time hiking in a swamp is also available – for those seeking for bigger dose of adrenaline.



Please also have a look at the attached activity list and let me know your thoughts?