The Gentlemen's Ale Sampling Society

        1982-2017  35 YEARS OF BEERS










The George at Newnham



Big Cheese - Chris Spree


GASS met at The George and learn to make a soft cheese. 

Not only to learn cheese making but you also to take some home.

Followed by Dinner.

(normal GASS rules on 'Cheese' are relaxed for this evening alone).

The landlord and landlady were Paul and Lisa, assisted by master cheesemaker Jeff.



A demonstration ensued with GASS members putting there hands into the Whey which was a wet mash of white bits like baby sick!!


A bowl of water was placed to wash hands prior to insertion into the mix, however in true GASS tradition,

nobody listened and used it to wash hands after the cheese handling.



It was pointed out that the cheese is formed by promoting bacterial growth from the background where its made.

Hugh pointed out that had diesel oil under his finger nails so god alone knows what bacteria will form or what the cheese will taste of.

A sample was produced for Brian to remember the evening by, as he was missing, this was packaged in a special preserve made of plastic.

(He never got it - and now two months later as he writes this - he really doesn't want it -  thank you Chris)

Jeff and Paul then demonstrated by passing tasters round, 6 of  the finest British and French cheeses,

these were however purchased from Macknades Faversham.

We all managed to take home a sample of the soft cheese

Chris 'Cheesy' Spree




That's all very well but in reality -




Many thanks to Chris and to the team at The George for such an entertaining evening.