The Gentlemen's Ale Sampling Society

        1982-2017  35 YEARS OF BEERS









Chief Game Scout - Ian

A visit to our little known but world class big cat sanctuary in Smarden.


Headcorn Road, Smarden, TN27 8PJ




NUMBERS - Booked for 20-25   GUESTS  -  up to 5 spaces at 60pp

And we managed 25, just JB missing, and 5 guests!!

Derek, Rob, Dan, Paul and Rob

Ian did a cracking job of organisation, as did our chief scout Tanith.

We first did a hand feed of what we expected to be a small cat, but found to be an f'ing great lion...
A lion really looked like he fancied a mouthful of grey hair in place of a measly chicken leg, can't blame him, great hair!



The crowd would also have preferred it if the Lion had a mouthful of straggly grey furballs - too slow Lion!

We then walked around several acres of top quality pens with amazing numbers of big cats, small cats, sleepy cats, cats everywhere.


Until finally it was time for dinner.....

We were memorable visitors, but only Pete bought his own bench along....

To Pete, from Pete, "The greatest gift of life is friendship"  Well said Pete, nice bench.
Now get your round in!!!!


Many thanks to everyone at the sanctuary, in particular to Tanith who did an amazing job.